Pedal Prix 24 Hour Race


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A few weeks ago we had the Pedal Prix 24 hour race. Pedal Prix is where you basically lie in a bike and pedal around a track like a normal bicycle. I did it last year too and it was so fun so I knew what to expect this year. Last year we had a team of Grade 6’s and 7’s but this year there were so many Grade 7’s that wanted to do it that we had a team of 16 Grade 7’s. We have been practising every Sunday at Victoria Park Racecourse and the race was at Sturt Reserve at Murray Bridge. We went from 12 noon on Saturday through to 12 noon on Sunday.

I got up in the morning at about 5:45am to have a shower and get ready. We were aiming to leave at about 7:00am. Once mum and I were all ready we got in the car to be at Murray Bridge at 8:00am. When we arrived it was a lot easier than last year to find our way in. Last year there were some fences up and we kept getting stuck and having to turn around and go back but this year we just went in and followed the road around and parked. At the gate when we paid, we got given a green wristband which showed that we had paid to get in and we had to wear it for the full 24 hours. We left everything in the car and just went down to our school tent. For a while there were just four of us there – Brandon, Erin, Amelia and I. We went out on the track and just threw a ball around for a while.

Later, some more people got there. We had been told to get to the track at about 8:00am because the gates close at 9:00am so we wouldn’t be able to get out car in. At 10:00am we were going to go for a walk around the track to point out things and talk about tips on the track. We all got given orange wristbands which showed we were riders. After we had got sick of throwing the ball around, we just sat under the school tent for a while, whilst more people arrived and set up their tents. I was sleeping in my friend Rachael’s caravan since there was enough room for her, her dad, my mum and me to all sleep in. She had other commitments in the morning so she wasn’t arriving until later, the same as Nick.

Soon there was almost our full team there. Most of us had taken our iPods so we all sat and played Truth or Dare as a group on them or played games at the same time. We were doing that when it was 10:00am and we stayed in the tent for a bit whilst the team manager (Mr. Smith) and some of the parents that helped out a lot (Craig, Greg) spoke to us about a few different things. We then went for a walk around the track and pointed out some of the things that we could use to explain where we are on the track. While we were in the bike we would have a radio so we could communicate with the parents and other people in the pits.

When we got back we sat back in our circle and just hung around the tent until the race kicked off. Erin was starting the race in the bike so she took the bike up to the start line and got in it there. They did the first slow lap with the course car in front and we waited for Erin to come round to cheer her on for her first lap. We stayed in the tent after that and carried on playing Truth or Dare off the iPods. The groups we had were –

  • A – Erin          Tori          Hayley          Olivia
  • B – Charlotte          Amelia          Connor          Seb
  • C – Millie          Emily          Clarrie          Rachael
  • D – Nick          Wylan          Hannah          Brandon

The times we had were:

  • A – 12pm, 4pm, Midnight, 8am
  • B – 1pm, 6pm, 2am, 9am
  • C – 2pm, 8pm, 4am, 10am
  • D – 3pm, 10pm, 6am, 11am

As you can see I was in Group C. By the time I was getting a bit bored of Truth or Dare, it was almost my turn in the bike. At 10:00am we had been told about where we needed to stand before getting in the bike and they had changed the side we stood on from the 6 hour race so it was all a new procedure for everyone. Millie came into the pits and I was ready to get in the bike. As I was getting in, the drink bottle holder broke so I didn’t have my drink bottle in the bike but it didn’t really matter because I was only going to be on the track for 15 minutes.

I started riding and it was useful  having done it last year because I knew the track pretty well. I started riding and it was all going well. I got up to crash corner and went around the sharp corners. There is about a crash every minute at crash corner, that’s how dangerous the corner can be! I went under Bridge 1 and reported in the radio and then got to Bridge 2 and did the same. It was all going very normal and I hadn’t been touched by another bike. I went past crash corner again and just rode normally like all the other riders. I carried on riding but then a marshall waved a red flag. The yellow flags mean slow down and the red ones mean pull over and just stop on the track where you are. I wasn’t quite sure what the red one meant at that point and everyone else was just slowing down so I followed them. People then yelled out to us to stop so we did that. It was SO warm and everyone else was boiling hot from their shifts and I was pretty sure I was going to be just as warm as them.

I stopped right in the sun and just waited for a bit. I was talking in the radio to my mum, Craig, Greg, Adrian and Mr. Smith about what happened and they asked me where I was. I hadn’t really been paying attention to where I was, I just wanted to make sure I did the right thing. I told them I was at “the big bend” because I didn’t quite know anything else, I was just at a big bend! There was a small patch of shade just up ahead and some girls off the track asked me if I wanted to go into it to keep out of the sun. I did and I was sitting next to a girl in a bike that was one of the really fast schools with a really fast bike. I spoke to her for a bit about the race and normal stuff and then we heard an announcement on the loud speaker and they said that the wind had blown down some barriers. The wind had been REALLY strong all day so it wasn’t surprising.

About 30 seconds after the announcement Craig and Adrian appeared and they had come and found me. They said that they were doing “running repairs” and they had tools and things to fix the drink bottle holder. They came with my drink bottle too so I could have a drink after riding and being stuck in the sun. They fixed the holder and then went back to the school tent and I kept my drink bottle in there. As soon as the race was back on I told them in the radio and they told me to go straight back to the pits. I got back in the perfect time to change over and the time we should have been changing over. When I got out of the bike I went and sat down around the big table set up outside Rachael’s caravan where there were chairs set up all around and the place for chilling. It had  a shade tent over the top which was good because it was so hot and sunny.

Mr. Smith was going around with the video camera and he came to Amelia and I when we were sitting down and we had to talk about what it was like in the bike because the footage would be played at assembly. I went back down to the school tent and played Truth or Dare with the others. After a while we went down to the courts and playground. We spent most of our time down there last year. We played Basketball for a bit and we divided ourselves into two teams. We played for quite a while and then went to the playground. They had these exercise machines last year and we all played on them again this year. They’re quite fun to play on.

We went back up to the camping site and tent after a short time on the playground. We hung around the tent for a while and lots of people were missing. A few people thought they were at crash corner and I’d wanted to go down there anyway so Connor and I went for a walk down to crash corner. There are no pits around crash corner (for obvious reasons) but there are some after it. Instead of pits, there are barriers and the barriers have people standing behind them at all times, watching crashes. We walked up there but no one from our school was there. We spent a while there anyway watching a few crashes. It was quite a walk from our pits to crash corner and if you want to walk slowly which is what we feel like most of the time then it takes about 10-15 mins. When we had seen enough crashes, we walked back because Connor had to be back for his ride at 6:00pm and we were told to get back a while before our rides.

When we got back, there was still no sign of the others still. I sat down with the people in the tent and lay down. They all had jokes on their ipods and were reading them out. I was really tired and I just lay down in the tent outside the circle not really listening to them. Some of the other people then came into the tent and we asked where they’d been and they’d just been in their own tents and things. We all sat in a circle telling jokes for a bit while riders would go in and out of the bike (all except me who was being unsociable!)

Not long after, a few of us left and walked up to where the parents were sitting at the table. A few of us were standing around not knowing what to do so Brandon said that we should listen to music in his car. We all thought it was a good idea so Clarrie went to get some CD’s to put on. Brandon, Clarrie, Millie and I went and sat in Brandon’s car and put the music up really loud. We played Truth or Dare at the same time. My brother who had come up for the day came and sat in the car for a bit and soon after left. Tori came up because she had just finished her shift in the bike and joined in with the game. She then had to go and Charlotte came up because she had just finished hers.

We then decided to go down to the courts before dinner. Rachael and Nick arrived at about 6:00pm. They arrived and Rachael’s stuff was all set up so she came straight down to the courts with us but Nick still had to pitch his tent and things like that. We went down and spent what felt like ages down there. We could still see what we were doing even though it was starting to get dark. We played Basketball for the whole time and then decided to start heading up because it was almost dinner time. They had ordered pizzas for the team and parents and we had been told that at 6:30pm we would have dinner in the schools tent. When we got back to the camping site we headed down to the tent but then got told the pizzas would be outside the caravan. That would be a lot smarter than having them in the school tent because there would be way more room. They took some down to the pits for the pit crew and the riders down there.

After dinner we all went back down to the schools tent for just hanging out because there was nothing else we could do. We were just sitting there and the numbers would go down and down as people would leave to go to bed depending on what time their shift in the middle of the night was. We had been told to stay and watch the rest of our group because if we all left and something happened where the rider had to come in, there wouldn’t be someone there ready to take over. Soon it was almost 8:00pm. I had done a swap with Millie because my mum was marshalling and the time she was meant to be marshalling was the time I would be in the bike and the parents had to be in the pits while their child was riding. I would be riding at 8:00pm.

Seb came into the pits and I got into the bike. I set off and went to the end of the pits. The marshalls at the end of our pits from 8:00pm – 12:00am would be from our school and when I went out in the bike Amelia’s mum and Hayley’s dad were doing the mashalling. When I went past I heard them say that the headlight wasn’t working. I was fairly sure I’d seen it working when Seb had come into the pits so I reported in the radio what they had said but I didn’t get an answer. I said “did you hear me?” but still didn’t get an answer.

I carried on riding and reported in the radio the normal things like where I was on the track but didn’t always get an answer. We had been having a bit of trouble with the radio earlier with it not always working. I rode past our pits and I heard my mum say in the radio “you didn’t tell me you were going under Bridge 2” and I said “yes I did.” I then told her about the light not working for the third time and it was the first time she’d heard me say it. They said that they would check the next time I went around. The next time I went round, they checked and said it was fine. When I got back in the pits and in the tent I explained about the light and they said if you look at it from the side, you can’t see it working but if you look at it from straight ahead, it works. I heard them say that lots of marshalls had been reporting that bike #222 (which is us) has the headlight not working or on and then our marshalls would report it’s working.

I got out the bike and Millie got in. I lay on the ground and it was REALLY warm even though everyone else thought it was quite cold. I lay on the ground and Rachael, who was last in my group, came and lay down with me. She got her phone out and we listened to music on that. We decided to start singing. We were very loud and VERY bad! Mr. Smith came in the tent and even had a video of us singing and hoped that he wouldn’t show that one at assembly. Millie got out of the bike and Clarrie got in. While Millie had been in the bike I had annoyed Clarrie to bits by asking him every five seconds if he was ready. When I’m tired, I’m annoying!

When he got out of the bike, Rachael got in. I was still lying down until I got a bit cold and I went over to the heater. After Rachael got out of the bike, Millie and Clarrie left to go to bed and Nick and Wylan arrived. Rachael and I were in the tent when Nick was in the bike. Craig came and told us to go to bed and we said “we’d go in a bit,” because Rachael was still quite warm from the bike and I was waiting for mum to get back from marshalling because she told me to wait for her to get back before I left to go to the caravan. We were still waiting when Craig came back and said “I thought I’d told you to go to bed.” We said that we were waiting for my mum to get back from marshalling.” Mum got back and we walked up to the caravan. Rachael and I walked over to the portable toilets and we were making quite a bit of noise. We kept walking into the rope that held the tents up because they stick out. We walked past the tents where people from our school had pitched and then around at the bottom. Most people would have already gone to bed because it was about 10:15pm. Going back we were just as noisy. Rachael was walking infront of me and I went up behind her and scared her and she screamed!

We got into the caravan and went to bed. I just put my trackies on top of my shorts so it was a bit comfier and warmer and I left my jumper next to my bed for when I’d be getting up. I set my alarm on my phone and went to sleep. I went to sleep really quickly and it was about 10:30pm when I fell asleep. I woke up at 3:30am after five hours of sleep. I sat up in the bed while Rachael and my mum were walking around the caravan. I was sitting there shivering with my teeth chattering. We walked down to the tent and some of the last people in Group B were there. Millie was about to get in the bike when we got down there. I sat there with my helmet with me because I couldn’t put my helmet on while I still had my jumper on. I took my trackies and jumper off about fifteen minutes before I got in the bike. I stood outside the tent in the pits trying to warm myslef up and waiting for Millie to get in the bike.

When I got in the bike I pulled out of the pits and started riding. We had a computer screen in the tent with the updates on our placing. We were almost tenth when I got in the bike and I heard them say on the radio just after I had been in the bike for about twenty seconds that we were now tenth and we had overtaken the school that we were trying to beat. I had been looking out for their bike while I had been riding but couldn’t see it. When I was on my last lap for that turn, I was going under Bridge 2 which is just before the long straight which is past our pits when a bike came past and crashed into me really hard and the bike jumped and basically flew through the air. It was one of the really fast bikes but I wasn’t in its way or anything. There was heaps of room on the right of me for it to go past. I was really shaken up by that and when I went into the pits on the next lap I was glad I didn’t have to do another lap at that time in the morning. After my turn, I cooled down a bit in the tent and then went back to bed.

I was asleep by 5:30am. I then woke up at about 8:30am. I looked outside the window and their were so many people out there. There were loads of parents with a few kids. I lay there for about three minutes but then decided to get up. When I got up and went outside I expected to see loads of people but there was only Rachael, Clarrie and Brandon sitting outside. I opened the door and they said “she’s up!” I went outside and sat down and they could tell I was tired! We sat there for a while and some of the parents came back and saw I was up and wondered if mum was up. I said she wasn’t and they seemed very disappointed because there was a coffee machine in the caravan but my mum was still asleep and they didn’t want to wake her. I said she wouldn’t mind getting up but they didn’t want to wake her.

The four of us sat and talked for a while and the boys said that they had already eaten but Rachael and I hadn’t. After a while I went and woke mum up anyway and she got up. Rachael and I ate breakfast and then the four of us made our way down to the school tent. Almost the whole team were down there. All the iPods with Truth or Dare on them had lost all their battery except Charlotte’s. We got Charlotte’s iPod and it said it was disabled for 43 minutes. Hmmmm… Connor told us Seb had disabled it for an hour. That was the only iPod we could play Truth or Dare on! We asked anyone if they’d heard us walking past the tents last night and most of them said “was that you?” We said yes and most of them had got quite annoyed at our noise!

It was about 9:00am and some of us said that we wanted to go down to the courts for one last time and also crash corner. Lots of us headed of down to the courts for one last time. We played Basketball for ages and there were lots of us that went down so we had bigger teams than all the other times we played it. Once we had got bored down there and it was about 9:30am, we headed up because our group was on at 10:00am. We took turns in the bike and it was all very exciting out on the track because it was nearing the end of the race.

Once the last person in our group was in the bike, Millie, Tori, Clarrie and I headed up to crash corner for a bit. We tried to get there as fast as we could so we could see people go past and so we had quite a bit of time up there. When we got there it was packed. There weren’t that many crashes at that point because it was almost the end of the race and no one wanted to crash then. Everyone was being very cautious around crash corner. There was one crash that came right up to the barrier in front of us and we screamed! It was quite freaky! By this time the curb was all coloured from the bikes scraping along it when they crashes and skidded. We saw Nick, Wylan and the first lap of Hannah coming round and we went back to the tent to see the end of the race there.

When we got back Hannah had almost finished and we were only less than a lap ahead of the team we were trying to stay ahead of. In the early morning we were about a lap and a half ahead. We had a pit stop and our last rider, Brandon, got in the bike. He set off and we were all gathered in the tent or next to the pit barrier. We saw him go around and bike #59 were about half a lap behind us. Brandon stayed in front until the end of the race and we finished tenth! All the bikes were doing their parade laps and getting drenched with water. When Brandon came in, he was soaked and water was dripping from him when he got out. We had a few more photos with the bike and then it was time to start packing up.

We gathered all our things together and started to pack up. They took the school tent down so now it was just a big patch of grass where the things that were in the tent now were. Mum and I got our things out of the caravan and into our car. We helped move the trailer to put the bike on and said goodbye to everyone. We left and set off home. I was so tired!

Last week, we had an assembly where we did an item about Pedal Prix. Hannah’s dad (Adrian), put all the video footage we had taken into one big video and we showed that at assembly. We also got given medals since we have been the best team that they’ve had at Hawthorndene Primary School. We presented Mr. Smith, Craig, Greg and Trevor with gifts for all their support and help they’ve put in. Overall we came tenth out of the primary schools (out of 82 primary schools) and 89th overall (out of about 320 bikes).

Here is a slideshow I put together of photos from the event:


El Shaddai Camp!!


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On Wednesday 6th July, we left to go to camp. We were going to a place called El Shaddai. El Shaddai is a camp in Wellington, near Murray Bridge. Our school went 2 years ago and we go every 2 years. Just the Year 6/7’s from our school went and a few Year 5’s went as well. Basically all 3 classes went – Pam’s class (Year 6/7’s), Mr. Mac’s class (Year 6/7’s) and Mr. Berry’s class (Year 5/6’s). The Year 5’s in the other class didn’t get to come.

We all got to school at normal time and went to our classrooms. We put all our bags out the front of the school under the shelter. We gathered in our classrooms and our teachers spoke to us about what we need to do and answered any questions we had. Then Mr. Mac’s and Mr. Berry’s class all came into our classroom and we waited even longer and lots of us just chatted to our friends in the other classes while the teachers were talking together.

Soon after we got onto the bus. We were having 2 separate buses, a boys bus and a girls bus. The trip there was about an hour and a half journey. We watched the movie Tangled on the way there but we didn’t get to finish it. When we got there we had to unload the buses and we took any random bags under the shelter at the camp. We then met one of the staff members at El Shaddai and he took us on a tour of the camp and told us about different things.

After that we had had to just grab our bags and put them into our dorms and grab our recess and come out. We all went into the gym/rec hall. It was a huge hall that had basketball rings and all different sports equipment. It also had a pool table, a table tennis table and an air hockey table. We had our recess and played around and had a bit of free time for quite a while and then the teachers spoke to us about what we are going to do next.

We went back into our dorms and sorted our sleeping arrangements. Our dorm was one of the smallest ones there. We had 7 people in our dorm. They were:

Chelsea H
Chelsea HS
and me.

The dorm had 3 bunk beds and one of the bottom bunks was a double so two people would have to share the double bottom bunk. We had sort of planned our sleeping arrangements in our heads. Millie, Tori, Chelsea H and I were in Pam’s class and Jayde, Liv and Chelsea HS were in Mr. Mac’s class. Millie was planning to be on the bunk below Tori and I was planning to be on the bunk below Chelsea H. That had left Jayde, Liv and Chelsea HS and Chelsea was planning to go on the top bunk so it worked out that Jayde and Liv shared the bottom bunk and they were fine with that.

We then got our lunch and went back outside. We found out our activity groups ready for the first activities. We were doing 2 activities on the first day. I was in Group 1 and there were 6 groups. The activities there were was:

Rock Climbing
Vertical Challenge

They were the main activities. We were doing them over the first 2 days. The first activity I was doing was canoeing. It started raining a bit when we were about to go down to canoeing so we waited a bit. It didn’t stop so we joined in with what the Games group were doing since Games was going to be our second activity. We played a few games and then the rain stopped so we made our way down to the river. When we got there we put our life jackets on and then the instructor taught us what to do with the paddle and things like that for the people who didn’t know how to paddle and for people who have never been in a canoe before. I had been in a canoe heaps before because every so often I go canoeing down at the beach with my family.

I went in a canoe with Chelsea H who was in my activity group and I went at the back and she went at the front. We canoed up the river and then we went through these weeds and we had to avoid the trees and things like that and it was to help people with turning. After that we all rafted together. We then had to do the thing where you get given a number and then he calls out two numbers and you have to swap spots with where that person was sitting. I had to swap with the person who was sitting right next to me in the boat beside me and that was the hardest !!

We paddled back down to where we got in the canoes and got out. Then we walked back to the campsite. We had gone canoeing a bit longer because of it raining so we had missed out on afternoon tea so we had it in the free time. Next we did games. We played a musical chair game but in a bus and you couldnt walk through the bus, you had to go all the way around to one of the exits to get in or out. After we had finished all of the games, everyone had free time. I went back into the gym with lots of my friends. We just hung around the basketball ring.

After an hour of free time it was dinner time. For every meal, they would play the same song that signalled we needed to go into the dining room. Our song was “Party Rock Anthem” by LMFAO. It was funny because most people would actually shuffle into the dining room. We had to find a table and just sit there. My friends and I were one of the last people in so there were lots of tables that only had 1 or 2 spots left on each one. Chelsea H and I sat with some of the guys because all the other tables that had spots were tables with people we didn’t know so it was lucky we actually got to sit with some of our friends. We swapped spots with people on the table so that Millie and Tori were behind us so we could talk to them as well.

The dinner was like a pasta bake. I thought it was quite nice but lots of people didn’t like it. Desert afterwards was chocolate or strawberry moose which I didn’t have because I don’t like moose. After dinner we had a magician come and perform to us. He was really good and really funny.

When he had finished, we went back to our dorms and we had to get ready for bed. Our lights had to be out by 10:30. My friends and I were talking before lights out and afterwards we carried on talking for a while.

We woke up at about 7:00am and we woke each other up. 4 of us had time to have a shower and the others had to just get changed and they would have to have it some other time. It was really good because every dorm had their own shower, sink and toilet attached to their dorm so we didn’t have to go outside to get to the showers or toilets. Breakfast was at 8:00am and the people on duty group for breakfast had to start setting up at 7:45am and people weren’t allowed to go outside of their dorms before 7:30am. I thought I wasn’t actually that tired but when I got outside it hit me !! I felt so tired !! I went into the gym just before the call for breakfast.

Breakfast was a self-serve thing where you could have whatever you wanted that was out. You could have toast, peaches or a choice of 6 different types of cereal. I just had a bowl of cornflakes. My first activity for that day was going to be Archery. We went out to the targets on the oval. We learnt how to hold the bow and put the arrows in. We got split into 2 groups and then we would alternate shooting. We each had 3 arrows and 1 flu flu. A flu flu is like a big arrow with a feathery things swirling around the top. It is basically for long distance shoooting. We had competitions of which group could get the most arrows on the target. The other group won.

We then had an individual competition of who could get their arrow closest to the cone on the ground. The first shot that everyone had, Liv got closest. We kept Liv’s in the ground and everyone got another turn. I shot mine and it hit the cone and ended up going in the ground just a bit further away from Liv’s. We ended up both winning because she got the closest and mine actually hit it.

We had morning tea which was chocolate chip muffins that the El Shaddai cooks had made. They were really nice. Our group’s next activity was Rock Climbing. The rock climbing walls were on the edge of the gym and they were blocked off when it was free time, and then the instructors opened them when it was activity time. There were 5 different walls and there were 2 easy, 2 a bit harder and 1 REALLY hard one that only had 20 rocks on it altogether. I completed 1 easy one and 1 hard one and I had a go at the really hard one but it was REALLY hard.

After that it was lunch time. We had wraps with 2 chicken strips in them and we could choose what vegetables we had in them. They were really nice. We sat and ate lunch as usual. After lunch I went into the gym for a bit and met up with my friends. I didn’t end up staying in their for long.

My next activity was Initiatives. Initiatives were basically team challenges. You work in a team to work out puzzles and things like that. Lots of the puzzles we had to do in silent as well but it was quite fun. The instructor said that we were one of the best groups they’ve had at doing it. We had afternoon tea afterwards as well and that was just fruit.

During afternoon tea, I went on the Tarzan Swing. It’s a swing that you get and there are 5 steps. You choose which one to jump off. You bring the swing up with you (the swing is half a tyre attached to a rope) and you jump on it and swing. When you’re in mid-air you jump off and we were having competitions of who could get the furthest. Most people swung but then had to do another swing because the swing wouldn’t turn the right way for you to jump so in my go I was focusing on making it turn and I actually missed the swing and was just holding onto the rope !! It was quite funny. There was also a flying fox that you could go on that was really fun. You get up on the platform and sit on the seat and it takes you down the the other end. We were seeing who could touch the tyre with their foot. It was really hard but I was really close to touching it on one of my goes.

My last activity for the day was the Vertical Challenge. It is where you get the small milk crates and you stack them on top of each other. The person is attached to the harness and they have to step onto each crate and get higher and higher and higher while the rest of the group stack the crates into two stacks side by side. It was REALLY scary because not only is it high, but the crates wobble and sway while people are stacking them and while you are standing on them. You have to try and get to the top of the roof and touch the bar at the top. I almost got to the top and I was only a few crates off but then they fell down.

That was the first part of the activity. The second part of the activity was climbing ladders. They are ladders attached to the top of the roof and you have to climb them and they sway and we did races on them between the two groups. I won the race I was in but it is really hard to climb those types of ladders that move when you are climbing it !!

We had half an hour of free time before dinner. Lots of us went on this moving block of wood with a tyre underneath it that moves all different ways according to the weight of people on it. We played on that for ages. The song played to go to dinner and everyone left except for Millie, Finn and I. When everyone was on it, we had spent ages trying to get it to balance and as soon as everyone else left, we got it to balance !!

We were some of the last people to get to dinner (again!) but we were lucky that we found a table with 3 spare spots on it. Dinner was meatloaf with carrots, peas and mashed potato. It was really nice. For dessert we had jelly with ice-cream on the top and lots of us wanted to eat just the ice-cream first but it was really hard just to keep the jelly in it !! After dinner we found out that we were going on a night walk. We got told to get some warm clothes on and we were going on a nice walk. When we were all ready we set off.

We started off walking out of the campsite and even that part was eventful !! Millie was walking out and she walked into a pole !! There was another pole coming up so we said “Millie, watch out for the pole !!” and instead she walks into a bin next to it !! We carry on walking and there were puddles everywhere and we were making sure she didn’t step in the puddles. I did though. I got my shoes all muddy and my trackies were really muddy too. Millie did well not to step in puddles at that part !! Then further up on our walk there were some bins. So we said “Millie, we know you aren’t very good with bins !!” and when she tries to avoid the bins, that’s when she steps in the puddle !! The rest of the walk was really fun and we basically just walked and talked.

When we got back to the campsite we all met in the dining room. We had supper there which was chocolate cake. After supper they explained that it was the movie night. There were 3 choices:

Ice Age 3
Race to Witch Mountain

Race to Witch Mountain won and lots of us didn’t want to watch it. It was annoying that the movie was compulsary. A few seconds after there was another movie choice – Step Up 3. Almost everyone voted for that and we were happy that we actually got a decent movie to watch !!

We had to go and get changed into our PJ’s and then go back into the hall and watch the movie. We got about half way through the movie and it was 10:25pm so we got told to go back into our dorms and it would be lights out straight away. I went to bed straight away because I was so tired !!

I had banged heads with one of my friends at lunchtime and I had received a huge bruise on the side of my head which I still have !! It only got worse from there. When I went into the gym just after lunch, Tori didn’t see I was behind her and she went to grab the ball and she accidently hit me in the head. I got really dizzy because it was right after hitting heads. I then stayed in the gym but a basketball came from behind and then hit me on the head which made my head hurt really bad. In the movie and at dinner when I rested my head on my hands and put my head back on my pillow, the world went all dizzy.

So when I got into bed that night and put my head back, I couldn’t sleep. I sat up for a bit and drank some water but it really hurt. Chelsea HS got me some more pillows so I could keep my head up but sleep back at the same time and that worked really well. I ended up sleeping with 4 pillows !!

I woke up as usual. I got ready and my head still hurt quite a bit though. We had done all of the main activities and today instead of being in 6 different groups we got split into 4 different groups. I was still in the same group but we got a few people from group 5 put into out group, that’s all. We went to breakfast to find out our groups. I had the same breakfast as yesterday, a bowl of cornflakes. I heard that Brandon and Clarrie both had 8 pieces of toast !!

We got told to gather all of our things together and put everything back in our bags so when it came dorm cleaning time, we would be cleaning the dorm and not packing our things away. I was getting stuff from the other side of my bed (I was on the bottom bunk) and when I went to stand up again, I hit my head on the top bunk. That hurt heaps and it took me a while to regain my balance. That was the fourth hit in 2 days !!

We then went to our first smaller activity. That was Screen Printing for me. We printed a picture on a bag and then dried the ink. While we were waiting to do the screen printing and so we didn’t waste our time waiting in the line, there were some small games to do. There were some cup stacking activities and there was a timing system that came with it. You would put your hands on the hand parts of the long timer and then you would unstack cups and when you had finished you would put your hands back on the timer. Lots of us had race with just unstacking 6 cups from a triangle. My record was 0.95 seconds. At first we were all doing about 2 seconds and then we got better at it and managed to do it under a second !! When we did the Screen Printing we got a bag and put a piece of newspaper in it and put it on the end of the board. The instructor put the wooden board on the bag and we used a long brush type of thing to press the ink onto the board. We then got a hairdryer and dried it for 2 minutes.

My next activity was Reptiles. We went onto the oval and sat in a circle on chairs. First, the guy bought a container out with a frog in it. I’m not really a fan of reptiles and I really don’t like touching them. I left the frog in the container and just passed it on. Next came a skink. They didn’t really fascinate me. Next we passed around a lizard and a blue-tounge lizard in big see-through containers. They were really jumpy. People convinced me to touch the blue-tounge lizard. Next was a bearded dragon. It was spiky around the edge of its body and all rocky. It was quite strange. We could either put it on out jeans/shorts or on our jumper. I put it on my jeans. They bought a turtle shell around next. It was a shell that someone had found and they had bought it off him. I hated holding that so much because it was an actual part of an animal’s body. Yuck !!

Lastly, they bought out a snake. I was shocked because I definitely was not expecting a snake !! A few of my friends knew I didn’t really like any of these reptiles and they actually ended up convincing me to hold the snake. I did hold it but my hands were actually shaking when I was holding it and I couldn’t stop them shaking. You could feel the insides of its body moving and that was just weird.

After the activity had finished, we all had morning tea. Morning tea was bacon and cheese muffins and they were really nice. After about half an hour of morning tea we got straight back into our activities. My next activity was the Treasure Quest. The Treasure Quest was an activity where you go around answering the questions on the sheet and we have to crack the code at the end to find a container. I was in a group with Chelsea H, Brandon and Finn. Each group got given a map, question sheet, answer sheet and a pen. We started the questions straight away. All the activities were meant to be 45 minutes long but they shortened the last 2 activities for each group so we could get back to school on time so we didn’t really get enough time for the Treasure Quest. After we had got most of the questions, we went back and got the code sheet. Some of our answers were wrong and we were trying to make a word but it wasn’t quite working. In the end it didn’t really make sense so we followed a few of the other groups while trying to work it out. Another group got it and then the time was up so we went to our next activity.

My last activity for the day was Earth Ball. The Earth Ball was this massive round ball that we played games with. First we just stood in a circle and rolled it around the circle to see how fast we could make it go. Next, the instructor would choose 3 people to go into the circle and the people on the outside of the circle would have to try and hit them with it. The people on the inside would have to run away from it. We then put it up in the air and we kept hitting it up to see how many times we could hit it without it touching the ground. We ended up getting 133 and we beat the other group that got 110. Last we went outside and we had to do an obstacle course. We did a circuit that every group did and we had to see if we could do it faster than the other groups. One of the things we had to do with it was make it hit the flying fox. I was standing behind it and when it hit the flying fox it went up and came back down and hit me quite hard in the head. That was my 5th hit in the head over 24 hours.

After we had finished all of our activities, we went to get lunch. Lunch was hamburgers with salad and cheese. They were really nice. Lots of my friends and I just sat on a bench and ate. After we had finished lunch it was the dorm clean-up. We had to get all the pillow-slips off the pillows and put them in the laundry. We had to sweep the floor and make sure everything was the way it was when we arrived there.

After that, we went outside to have a group photo. It was annoying because we stood there for ages looking into the sun getting loads of pictures taken !! Our eyes really hurt afterwards !! We got ready to get back onto the bus. We had a girls bus and a boys bus again. On the way back on the bus, we finished watching the movie “Tangled” and then when we had finished that we started watching the Fanstastic Four. We got back to school and emptied the bus. We got random bags off the bus and put them under the shelter. We basically just got our bags and went home.

I loved going on camp so much because I did things I would never have done. I had so much fun and it was great because I haven’t been on camp since Grade 4. It was great to have fun with friends and learn new things outside of the classroom. I wish it was longer because it was a great camp !!



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Every Thursday, we have a different teacher, Lana, because it is Pam’s co-ordinating day. One of the subjects we do with her is poetry and recently we had to write a poem about something we felt strongly about. I did mine on War and this is it:

Guns rumbling in the distance, a loud and deafening sound,

All day and all night walking step by step firmly on the ground,

Going for days without food, starving, desperate for a crumb,

Marching around the country, staying in their troops, how they go and come,

Hiding in and digging trenches, where safe they may feel,

Some of them are stuck with scars, ones that will never heal,

This is war, I tell you, full of tragedy and loss,

Some of them are really lucky and get saved by the Red Cross,

Not many survive and are free to live and get on with life ever after,

No matter where they go, they’ll never miss out, on a bit of laughter,

It’s not right, having no choice but to go out and fight,

Given orders and missions to act on, all day and night,

The courage they have, how it never ends, is one of their great strengths,

When they fight, to save their lives, they go to all types of lengths,

Think about it, if World War III suddenly broke out tomorrow,

The lives of people living today would be full of sadness and sorrow,

Why should people have to flee, and go with the force?

They have no choice, none at all, but to take the course,

Why does war exist? Who ever bought it to life?

Their families are only full of loads and loads of strife,

It should be stopped, this bad way, it should be against the law,

It needs to be stopped, once and for all, for there to be no other war.



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Recently, I have found something that really fascinates me. War. As in World War I and World War II mostly.

At the moment in class we have been doing Literature Circles. Literature Circles is when you are in a group and you are all reading the same book. You get given a task for the week to do about the book and we set a certain amount of the book to read each week.

My group is reading a book called “A Rose for the ANZAC Boys by Jackie French. It is an amazing book and it is about what 3 girls go through during the time of World War I. It is based around 1 girl. The book is really interesting and it made me think about everything that happened in the times of war.

On TV at the moment, there has been a new TV show called “In Their Footsteps” and it is REALLY interesting. It is about people going on a journey finding out what someone in their family went through. I watched it last week and I watched a repeat of the same one today and it is truly amazing seeing what the men did.

I found out last week that my great-grandad fought in World War II and my Nan in England has his medals. I want to find out more about what he did if I can, and more about war in general. It is just something that I has suddenly interested me.

Do you like learning about war ?? What is something that fascinates you ??

100 Word Challenge


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This week our class took part in the 100 Word Challenge for the first time. For those of you who don’t know what an 100 Word Challenge is, it is a challenge to write a bit of a story about anything you want but it must include the prompt. This week’s challenge’s prompt was “Everyone clapped and cheered apart from….” and here is my story:

Everyone clapped and cheered apart from Brett. He was standing in the crowd waiting for the right moment. He was in front of the stage on the right, his gun disguised as a professional video camera. Everyone thought he was there to video the performance. They were wrong. Any moment now would be the perfect moment. He watched carefully as she moved across the stage. He shot. The world became dizzy and then he regained his balance. He walked back towards the car and got in. “Mission complete,” he reported in his microphone as he drove away from the mayhem.

Mothers’s Day Classic


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On Mother’s Day, May 8, I did the Mother’s Day Classic run with my mum. The Mother’s Day Classic is a fun run or walk to raise money for Breast Cancer Research. You can either do the:

  • 4.5km run
  • 7.5km run
  • 4.5km walk
  • 7.5km walk

In previous years, my mum and I have always done the 7.5km walk but this year we decided to do the 4.5km run. This was our 5th year doing it. They do it in other states across Australia and altogether there were about 120,000 participants throughout Australia. This year they did a timing system where on the back of your number it had a plastic sheet with a wire stuck on. When you went through the start line you got scanned and then you got scanned again at the finish line.

They uploaded all of the times to their website and I looked this morning and it said that my mum and I came joint 412th out of 760 people who did it . We didn’t do it competitively and I have a really bad knee at the moment so we had to go a bit slow for me so we would have done it in less time. Our final time was 30 minutes and 23 seconds.

The first year we did it, we did it with my dad and my brother too but since then my brother has had a soccer game so they haven’t been able to come. My brother said that he wants to do it next year.

Have you ever heard of the Mother’s day Classic ?? Have you ever done anything like it before ??

Year 6/7 Plays


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empty stage

Empty stage with red curtain in expectation of performance

Each year at my school, all the Year 6’s and 7’s perform plays. We spend the whole of Term 2 practicing and usually we audition at the start of Term 2 but my teacher Pam said that it would be best to do our auditioning now so that we can have the holidays to learn our lines and in Term 2 get straight into rehearsing. Each class does a different play and we have to audition for parts and the rest of our class choose who they think is the best. We have decided that we are going to do a play called Cinders. It sounds like a great play. So far we have auditioned most of the characters. There are only a few people that don’t have parts yet. So far we have:


NarratorsMillie and Trevy

Cinders – Erin G



QueenErin H

Prince – Ryan

Cruel Sisters – ME !!!!! and Rachael

GrannyCharlotte M

Lord Gripington – Nick

Dandini – Aaron

Announcer – Alex

Fairy GodmotherOlivia

Shifter – Wylan

Shifter’s Assistants Jasmine, Kellie and Hannah P

Newspaper SellersTori and Zoe

Wishy and WashySira and Victoria

Ladies in waitingAmelia and Chelsea

Princes Bodyguards – Hamish, Jackson and Charlotte T


The pink are the girl parts and the green are the boy parts. So far, we have 2 people that don’t have parts but we will make parts for them. There are a few non-speaking parts which are Prince’s bodyguards, Wishy, Washy and the Shifter’s assistants who have about 1 line that they all say. I have learnt almost all of my lines as a Cruel Sister and I just need to practice them.

I can’t wait to do the plays !! We will hopefully get someone to video them and if they do I will try to put the video on my blog. 



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On Wednesday 2nd and Thursday 3rd March, the Year 6/7’s from our school went down to Port Noarlunga for aquatics. Each year the Year 6/7’s at my school go down there and we do water sports and activities. We had a range of activities to choose from. The choices were:

  • Canoeing
  • Sailboarding
  • Surfing
  • Snorkelling
  • Waveskiing
  • Boogie Boarding
  • Fishing

On Wednesday I did:

  1. Session 1 – Surfing
  2. Session 2 – Waveskiing
  3. Session 3 – Boogie Boarding

On Thursday I did:

  1. Session 1 – Surfing
  2. Session 2 – Waveskiing
  3. Session 3 – Beach Games

They were all so much fun. We did 1 activity in the morning and then we had recess. We did our next activity after recess and then had lunch. We did our last activity after lunch and then we got the bus back to school. For recess and lunch most people took their wetsuits off at the top but kept them on over their legs. We all had our rashy on under our wetsuits so when we took it down it was absolutely FREEZING !!!!

I was pretty good at Surfing. I didn’t get on the Wednesday but then on Thursday our instructor came in the water with us and explained it a  bit better. I caught quite a few waves. I was pretty good at Waveskiing too. I did waveskiing last year when I was in Grade 6 and thoroughly enjoyed it. Last year I was a bit better though. We had standing up competitions on the waveskiis and last year I was really good at it and this year I kept falling off. Once I even got on one side and before I’d even stood up I fell of the other side !!

Aquatics was really fun and I would definitely do it again if I had the choice.

Sports Captain


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On Friday 11th February we had our Sports Captain meeting. All the Year 6/7’s gathered in the hall ready to hear the Sports Captain applications. I was going up to be one of the captains of the Yellow Team. Each year there are 2 girls and 2 boys (all from Grade 6 or 7) elected to be the captain of their team. There were 6 girls that went up for captain of the Yell0w Team and 2 boys that went up for it too. Because there was only 2 boys that went up for it, they automatically both got it.

We read our speeches out infront of all the other Year 6/7’s and then at the end of each team they vote for who they want as the captain. I got elected captain with one of my really good friends Millie. There was only 1 boy that went up for captain of the Green Team so 3 girls got that with the 1 boy. These are all the team captains:

Yellow Team: Me, Millie, Callum and Jed

Green Team: Rachael, Erin G, Victoria and Brandon

Red Team: Erin H, Charlotte, Josh and Clarrie

Blue Team: Zoe, Trevy, Ryan and Connor

We’re going to make sure Yellow win this Sports Day. GO YELLOW !!

Year 7 Has Commenced !!


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So the first week of school has started. Year 7. I like being able to say I’m Year 7 but it really doesn’t feel like it. On the first day back to school when we were naming our books I wrote Year 6 in the “GRADE” section. And to make it worse, it was actually one of my friends that picked it up !! Not a good start to the year !!

We have a Year 6/7 class and we have:-

  • 20 Year 7’s and 9 Year 6’s
  • 20 girls and 9 boys

The boys and Year 6’s are pretty outnumbered!!!

We have Aquatics coming up in a few weeks time. Aquatics is where we go and do activities down at the beach. We get special instructors that teach us how to do certain activities. We got given a preference sheet with all the activities on for us to fill out and that will show what activities we would like to do in the preferred order. We then gave it to the teachers. They would then put us into activities based on what we wrote on our sheets.

These are the activities we got to choose and the order I chose them in:



Boogie Boarding





These are what I’ll be doing on the days:

Wednesday                   Thursday

1. Surfing                       1.Surfing

2. Waveskiing              2. Waveskiing

3. Boogie Boarding    3. Beach Games

I’m in groups with lots of my friends.

This year we have had a change in the language we are learning at our school. For a long long time at our school we have learnt German. Late last year they sent a survey out to all the parents letting them have a say in what language we learnt. The results turned out to be more people wanted Japanese than German. I didn’t really know how I felt about changing languages because I was really good at German. So far we’ve had 2 Japanese lessons and it’s VERY different. It’s really confusing too. The whole school isn’t doing Japanese though. Years Reception – 4 are still learning German while Years 5 – 7 are changing to Japanese.

Also, for the first year at our school, we have a specialist P.E. teacher. Her name is Natalie. She’s quite nice and we have her for a whole lesson on Fridays. Last week we played a few games, did some relays and then did our own thing.

We have recently had a new hall/gym been put into our hall. It was finished in the last few weeks of last year so we haven’t really used it much yet. That’s where we do our P.E.

We got our Year 7 shirts the other day and they’re so cool !! They have the most awesome pattern on the back. It’s got a big 7 with a star over it and all our names come out the sides like fireworks.

I’m going up for a lot of Leadership Roles this year.

I’m going up for:


I would like to be a captain of the Yellow Team for Sports Day. I love being in the Yellow Team and I would like to lead the Yellow Team to victory for its second year in a row !!

LTAG (Learning Technologies Assistant Group)

LTAG students get called on to help out other teachers/students that are experiencing problems with computers/ICT or don’t know how to do something.


Creche students help mind students of adults who are on the P&F (Parents and Friends) Committee during meetings.


Recyclers take the bins in/out on the road for the binmen to take and get all of the recycling out of the class boxes and put them all in the bin and return them to the class rooms.


Spend half a lunchtime a week in the library helping students borrow books and do anything extra like returning books to shelves.


Help choose new books to come into the library and help with the display of the library and set-ups for things like the Book Fair.

There are also other things that I’m not going up for and they would take forever to write them all so I have just written the ones I am going up for.

Merry Christmas!


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Winter Snow Card Comments

It’s Almost Over!


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NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s almost the end of the year!!!! Next year I will be in Grade 7. It will be my last year of Primary School. Earlier today we found out what class we are in next year and luckily I am in Pam’s class again. That means that I will get to keep my blog! I will miss all the Year 7’s that have been in my class this year and I will see them graduate tomorrow night.

I got chosen by the Year 7’s to be one of the MC’s at their Graduation. There were about 20 Year 6’s that put an application in and read out their speech to all of the Year 7’s and the teachers. It was so scary but I was one of the lucky 3 that got chosen. I got picked with 2 of my friends, Millie and Connor. We have had practice all week for our speeches and we are the only Year 6’s that get to be at the Graduation tomorrow night and we also get to go to the after party. It will be a great night.

The class this year has been great and I have had so much fun. I will miss all the year 7’s but also I can’t wait until next year which will be my last year of Primary School.

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